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Properties in Isla Canela from Andalucia Rentals Ltd

These are some of the properties we can offer in Isla Canela.

Isla Canela properties, Villa Canela

Villa Canela

A stunning villa/two apartments with private pool, overlooking the beach and the Atlantic.

Villa, 6 bedrooms, sleeps 12

Upstairs Apartment, 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6

Downstairs Apartment, 2 Bedrooms, sleeps 6

Isla Canela properties, Marina apartments

Atlantic Apartments - marina

A selection of quality apartments overlooking the Atlantic and close to Isla Canela Marina. Garden and pool, with easy access to beaches.

Apartment 1 , 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6

Apartment 2 , 2 bedrooms, sleeps 5


Isla Canela properties, Playa apartments

Atlantic Apartments - playa

A selection of quality apartments overlooking the Atlantic. Garden and pool, with easy access to beaches.

Apartment 1 , 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6

Apartment 2 , 2 bedrooms, sleeps 5


Isla Canela properties, Marina penthouse

Marina Penthouse

A 3 bedroom apartment with magnificent views over the Marina and easy access to the beaches.

Apartment, 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6



Spanish Isla Canela

Five miles of unspoilt Atlantic beaches flanked by dunes form the setting for the very Spanish resort of Isla Canela. On the other side of the development lies an important part of Spain's natural heritage, the protected wetlands of the 'Marismas del Guadiana', the protected salt marshes of the Guadiana estuary, home to a wide variety of waterfowl including flamingos and herons. It is located at the mouth of the Guadiana River, the natural frontier between Andalucian Spain and the Portuguese Algarve.

Thoughtful development

Isla Canela is a new, thoughtfully designed tourist enclave with a marina, four star hotels, restaurants and apartments with stunning views over the Atlantic. Most apartments have panoramic views either over the Atlantic and the protected natural dunes, or the Marina. Private gates give many of the individual complexes access to the promenade and beach, without crossing roads. The buildings have beautiful private swimming pools in their own grounds.

Activities in Isla Canela

There is an 18-hole golf course, reputedly one of the most beautiful in Spain, where you can play a round of golf surrounded by flocks of flamingos, herons and storks; directly alongside the golf course you will also find a lawn bowling club, with two tournament class greens.

The spacious beaches are of the highest standard with unending quantities of clean "white" sand. At various points along the beach you will find ice cream parlours, cafes and restaurants. Most restaurants are refreshingly unsophisticated, offering the local seafood at quite modest prices. The beaches are a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, with ample opportunities for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing.

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